Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Herb.....with an H

Hello! I made this for a friend at work whose son in law was tragically murdered last week. As my friend Faith puts it, there is no better way to commemorate a person's death than by giving life to something else.
Aside from the hideous orange colored strainer I used as the planter, I really like this idea. I originally saw it in a BHG mag and clipped it for future reference. Well that day has come and my version comes with adorable little plant tags that I made.
Considering this is a first go-round and I was under time constraint I really enjoy the simplicity of these. I hope next time I can give them more thought, but they serve their purpose in this situation.
Unfortunately, these are for indoor use only at this point, until I figure out how to weatherproof them. And I will have do something much better for the back of them next time, but my son and I thought the bugs would look cute and natural (as natural as glitter bugs can be) amidst the herbs.

As far as that damn colander goes, I bought it in the dollar section at Michael's and my choices were this orange or 80's fuchsia. Neither were appealing, but it worked for this occasion and I still think my friend will like it, even if she does just give it to her grandson as a toy.

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