Saturday, July 11, 2009

Missing Mojo

I think we all experience an A.W.O.L mojo periodically. You have clouds of steams evaporating from your brain and then BAM!'re wheels quit moving. What are you gonna do? I chose to get my mojo back by entertaining the mundane and simple. Mojo is a nosy, jealous bird and can't help but notice when you are no longer paying attention to her. So she inches closer to you, but gets scared and retreats a few paces. This game continues the whole time I am crocheting washcloths. And when the last end is woven in I snatch the dizzy bird and return her to her wire, domed dwelling. A Ha! Gotcha, you little stinker! And so now I am on to other projects and ideas while the steam moves my engine down the tracks. Perhaps some embroidery this week.....

By the way, I received my first blog comment from Muriel the other day. This a big deal for me because she is the first unknown person to visit my blog. Check out her site and say hello!


  1. So does this make me your second commenter unknown to you??? Happy blogging!

  2. It certainly does, MissyP. Welcome and thank you for stopping by.