Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lots Going on as Usual

First off let me vent by saying this new format crap from Blogger is the pits!  Is anyone else having trouble with formatting?  It's aggravating to say the least.....

This is one of the snowflakes we made while we endure cabin fever.  I have been trying really hard to do at least one craft or art project with the kids each weekend to keep them creative and occupied.  Today we made hearts for our windows too.  Maybe I will takes some pics of them for next week.

I missed last week's update because we were celebrating Hubble's 30th berfday.  Twas a hoot and the cake was a riot.  You can check out the pics on Facebook if you know where to find me.

And below we have my silly pirate brother helping with photo documentation for the day after the party......we were still celebrating despite our lack of z's and batch of underdone brownies...nasty

And somehow this other silly pirate got into our family affair and tried to make us all walk the plank.  They do that a lot in New York, but we were really glad he showed up.

Other than that we have been trying to do little home projects during the week and trying to catch up on our cleaning.  I have started working out regularly and gave up playing that ridiculous Farmville and somehow I have less time to do anything than I did before.  I envy all the other crafters who have time (however limited) to do what they love.  I am getting there, but I can't seem to make it all work together yet.
I am working on a few little crafty things here and there and hope to have some pics up for you soon.  Ciao!

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