Sunday, January 10, 2010

What We Have Been Up To

It has been busy around here, but in a good and not overwhelming way.  We painted the bench in the kids' playroom and it is all shiny and pretty for sitting!  Up there on top is a dish cloth I am working on as part of a set for a birthday present.  Super-easy pattern from Lily Sugar-n-Creme that can be found at Michael's near that section of yarn.

My new water bottle for work......two for one at Target!

So you see those Catty girls got me on this point challenge thing and we get a point if we drink 32 oz. of water a day and 2 point for 64 oz.  I stopped drinking water at work because I had to go the bathroom all the time, but I really want to win so I am back on the wagon with my cute albeit neutral bottle.   (I am normally a bright colors kind of girl, but the other bottle it came with really pleased Hubble)

Today we got out and did some sledding on Killer Hill and while it looks like there is not enough snow we had a blast.  The tracks were packed down tight and the sledding was lightning fast.  We even got to tryout a few ramps that had been made the night before.  This was a first for both of the kids.....Atti on a hill that big and Del's first time altogether.  It was a hoot!

Last night we got our craft on and made some bird feeders out of pine cones.  This activity reminds me of my childhood and is super easy for the kiddos to do.  I can't wait to see what birds drop in for a bite.

Until next week.......Ciao!

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