Monday, February 8, 2010

First Weekend of February

How's it going?  Does anyone else struggle to get through February in anticipation for Spring?  I can hardly drag myself to hit the snooze in the morning and I am not a Snoozer.  But the drab days seem to take their toll on my energy........see, this is very boring, but I have some good pics to share and updates on family life.  So that up there is may not have recognized her dressed in her Avoiding-The-Paparazzi-Cowgirl look, but that's her.  This weekend the kiddies were charged with making us breakfast and they came through with flying colors two days in a row.  On Saturday...
....Boober makes blueberry muffins that do not disappoint
On Sunday, Bud revs up the oven to bake some sausage links.  He also made some of the best scrambled eggs and toast I've ever exaggerations there.
Afterwards he slips back into Rockabilly-Zombie mode.  I am just glad we ate first.

And these are the Valentine's I made for Boober's classmates.  Bud already has his picked out but I didn't want to spend anything if I could help it.  Although I did spend $2 on the stickers to fit into the little heart pockets I made.  Hopefully (and this is probably too ambitious) I will post a tutorial for it in the next couple of days because they took me about an hour to make, although it is so easy I think most people could figure it out.  Wrapping it up, we took it pretty easy this weekend.  We headed to my rental's place for the game and absorbed the Mad Titans new album.  Some out-of-towners are in town this week and I am hanging with them whilst I can.  Good times.  Ciao.


  1. February always gets me down. And it is so yucky here in Chicago. I hope the sun is shining for you over there in STL.

  2. has been a dreary February.