Sunday, March 7, 2010

Little Improvements with Big Impact...

...and no stellar pics, but at least you can see what it going on.
I dressed up the wall in my WC with some pics I snagged out of a Dutch Bulb catalog I found at the library sale last year for a quarter.  Some nice mats and 4 cheapo frames later and I no longer mind heading back there to read my mail.  Unlike the picture the effect is quite dazzling.

And this is some sweetness I would like to share.....last weekend Bud, of his own accord, cleaned my room, made the bed and managed the laundry pile.  On top of that he went out of his way to make some sunshine for me because he knows how much I love tulips and thought I deserved to wake up to flowers everyday.  The best part is it was all his idea!

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