Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saturday at the Lake

Most of day two of our getaway was cooped up indoors due to inclement weather....booooooo.  It was nasty too-sleet, wind, frigid temps.  We attempted to go thrifting but only made it to two shops before we headed back to The Inn.  Once we snuggled in for awhile John decided to make the most of the a-man-ities and pamper himself with a self-labored manicure and who knows what else!
Trust me there is nothing to be said here that hasn't already been said.  Once the princess was sick of his man-spa treatment we headed back out and to our surprise the rain had let up.  I found a yarn shop and Hubble bought a tobacco pipe.  He is now one step closer to being an old man, although I suppose going to the yarn shop kind of makes me an old lady.  Ha!  Below we stopped at a tacky version of St. Louis's Gringo Jones.  I have no idea the actual name of the place, but this hat was the best item for sale.  The place was full of weirdos.
We then headed to the Not-So-Outlet mall and scored some good deals on books and the Gap clearance racks, but otherwise it was a total letdown.  Finally tired from traversing through the Ozarks we nabbed a greek salad and pizza from a joint called Chicago Brothers.  If you head that way, give it a is worth the money although not the best pie I have ever had either.
Thus ends our mini-vacation.  I hope we get to do something like this again in the future, although probably not for a long time.  We really needed it and we had a good time.  Adios!

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