Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hi!  Happy Sunday.  I don't think I ever showed this to you, but in March I made this as a gift for one of those Catty girls.  Birthday season starts in March over there and then happens once a month through June with a late bloomer in October.  We are all big fans of handmade and upcycled gifts so it was a no brainer when thinking of what to make our math major........a homemade abacus for her wall.  I had the frame on hand, so I only had to buy the beads and dowel rods.  And Hubble helped with the drilling and assembly (thank you dear!) because I really wasn't home often enough to do this in time for her birthday.  I also had some help painting the beads.  I am really pleased with how this turned out.
Hubble found the frame in yesterday's trash and it was bright yellow, but a really sturdy, all-wood frame.  It got a few coats of semi-matte black spray paint and the rods we sprayed with metallic silver which never looks the same on wood, but worked for this.  Craft paint and a few coats of varnish completed the counting beads.  The row with the big, brown beads actually goes on the bottom dowel which is further from the rest of the rows and is used as a 'multiplier row' because the beads were too big to fit 10 across.  I have no idea how that works, so you will have to ask the math major.

In doing this project I started thinking about ways to make it "greener".  I mean the cost of this was so minimal that it is not really an issue, but I am sure there is a way to use even more recycled items and look just as good.  I found a tutorial for making paper beads that I think i would like to try the next time I make one of these.  And maybe straws or pencils would make good dowels?  what do you think?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Three Weekends of Easter

Our Easter festivities spread themselves out this year with three weekends of eggs and rabbits discussing who came first.  We all agreed it was the chicken.  To celebrate we dyed some eggs rather hurriedly if you ask me....
The following weekend we made our way over to the Grandparents' house to see if Peter Rabbit made a visit over there.
Surprises under every leaf....
Tiny treasures to be found....
And subjection to my endless photographing.....
Ya know, where Easter is concerned I could take it or leave it, but we had a really good time all three weekends and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather St. Louis has been experiencing.  Maybe next year we can do a mock resurrection to complete the picture.  Ciao!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mr. Marsupial

Hi!  Happy Spring (my favorite time of year).  My most recent crochet dolly was for a friend at work who should be having a her own little mister any minute now.  The pattern is from Amigurumi Two by Ana Paula.  I got this book for Christmas and it is chock full of sweet patterns.
Koala Bear endured a few minor changes to his pattern and some mistakes I will try to avoid in the future.  They were mostly due to me rushing to get him finished.  Ultimately, I think he is frickin' adorable!
For some reason I like most of my plush without one facial feature, but I usually seem to ditch the mouth.  I think it allows for individual interpretation of the creature's mood/personality.  It makes me use my noodle a little more and I like that.
I also never use any pins when piecing my little guys together which for the most part is no big deal, but I kind of wish I would have with this guy.  Every feature on him seems to be "off" to some degree and that may have convinced me to finally start using some straight pins while I sew.

Either way, I love Mr. Marsupial!  He turned out really well despite his flaws and I hope his new little friend will love him too.  I can't wait to meet you Jack!