Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mr. Marsupial

Hi!  Happy Spring (my favorite time of year).  My most recent crochet dolly was for a friend at work who should be having a her own little mister any minute now.  The pattern is from Amigurumi Two by Ana Paula.  I got this book for Christmas and it is chock full of sweet patterns.
Koala Bear endured a few minor changes to his pattern and some mistakes I will try to avoid in the future.  They were mostly due to me rushing to get him finished.  Ultimately, I think he is frickin' adorable!
For some reason I like most of my plush without one facial feature, but I usually seem to ditch the mouth.  I think it allows for individual interpretation of the creature's mood/personality.  It makes me use my noodle a little more and I like that.
I also never use any pins when piecing my little guys together which for the most part is no big deal, but I kind of wish I would have with this guy.  Every feature on him seems to be "off" to some degree and that may have convinced me to finally start using some straight pins while I sew.

Either way, I love Mr. Marsupial!  He turned out really well despite his flaws and I hope his new little friend will love him too.  I can't wait to meet you Jack!

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