Tuesday, May 4, 2010

G is for Garden

Hola! This year for Easter the magic bunny dropped off some useful gifts to the kids....veggie seed packets. Each of them received three packs to start their own little summertime patch. Bud decided to get a head start on his garden so he could eat his yummy crops sooner.
The gourds are just going to be for decoration, but the lettuce and green squash will be for good eats.
Soil prep...
...sowing with love
Lettuce seeds and careful watering by our devoted green thumb...
The Happy Farmer

When he checked on his sprouts progress this weekend he was stunned to see just how fast they'd grown! The squash and gourds are just now pushing through the dirt, but the lettuce grew so fast we cut up the eggshells and gave the crops a permanent home in the ground. I can't wait to taste these homegrown veggies.

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