Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Creative Space....Maiden Voyage

Back in May I was scurrying as quickly as my hook (and job) would let me to finish up a food set for my little lady's 3rd birthday...and finish them I did.  This was a pretty significant accomplishment for me because a) I worked on these only during my lunch hour, ahem 45 minutes and b) these are my own original patterns, most of which I wrote down.  Huzzah!
To my satisfaction, Boober loved them.  She liked all of her gifts.  The day after her party she, uncharacteristically for her age, went through each gift again and made sure she explored and played with each one.  We make all kinds of soup and delicacies with the crocheted produce now, but I didn't want to stop there.
Which brings me to my current hooky adventure, although there are several I cannot discuss currently...a pear!  Now I have made a pear before and didn't write down the pattern and I started this one the same way-very dumb.  This time I went back before it was too late and wrote down what I already had worked up, so I will have to make another when I am done to make sure the pattern is accurate.  My hope is to make her all sorts of fun food and write a new pattern for each.


  1. Well done - these lok great - I made sandwiches a few years ago and they were so much fun.

  2. Thanks Kylie! I would love to see your sandwiches sometime.

  3. Those fruits/veggies were awesome. I would have LOVED a gift like that at Boober's age. I hope you are doing well. I miss you guys. Hopefully we can all hang out more once this show is over. When are you coming to see that by the way?