Friday, July 9, 2010

Lost, Found or Hand-Me-Down

Sorry I'm late.  No excuses....just couldn't get here on time this time.

Hand-Me-Down Beethoven and other mesmerizing classic artists are joining me this week from Gram's records to bid farewell to the loss of St. Louis' Classical Radio Station, 99.1.  Sadly and quite disturbingly they were bought out by a Christian radio station.  I am not disturbed, although still sad,  that they are now owned by a Christian organization, but rather their new owners were not even the highest bidders.  99.1 was so well loved that local groups and fans tried to buy the station and keep it tuned to the classics.......the real classics.  For whatever reason the initial money did not win out and is, in my opinion, a detriment to our city.

So now that the 9th Symphony has played its last note on our airwaves I will turn to my Gram's albums to keep me in good company.  They always listen and so do I.

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