Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lost, Found, and Hand-Me-Down

Happy Tuesday is right!  I am dredging up (well actually my mom did) some dollies from my past to let Boober care for now.  And I can tell you she is a fantastic mommy to different sized twins.  Oh the challenges she must endure as a young mother!  Matching babies in two different sizes.....Unthinkable!  Without further ado, let me introduce to you, although some may need no introduction, Rainbow Brite!
This is the real deal folks.  Not the bastardized version you can find at Target.  It's no wonder I loved Rainbow and all her friends so much (I had the whole gang)...just look at that giant forehead.  Finally a doll that looks like me, minus the orange yarn hair, although I probably would have loved that and you know I wore as many colors I could get on my limbs back in the day.
And now, it's time for Ms. Brite and her mini-me to respect a new mommy.  I've no doubt they will be fantastic listeners.  I mean, just look at this precision handling....
Even if DFS shows up, I am really glad my mom saved these for me to give to my little nursery maid.  I hope I can find the books to help round out the fun, but if not we will have plenty of fun pretending we can ride unicorns on rainbow pavement.  Ciao!

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