Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lost, Found, Hand-Me-Down

Howdy!  How's it been going?  I have kind of an oddball hand-me-down to share this week because I am stumped on how to make it my own.  Any idea what I could be sharing or whose initials those may be?

 Grandpa Pfeifer
 Grandma Pfeifer

Luggage past its prime, however
aside from the bag on top I really like these cases
I have used them for travel before and they are fantastic
if not a little...errr...brown

That's ok by me though.  They were what my grandparents used to tote along things that made them comfortable as they trekked to various destinations around the country.  So, I definitely want to add to that history, but they need some revamping.

My first inclination is to start traveling and get a cool sticker to adorn them with from wherever I land.  Kind of old-timey, not a lot of work and my own story for their adventures.  Also considered spray paint, but really does every makeover need spray paint?  I think not, nor do I think it would do these cultured bags any justice.  What do you think?....especially about that bag on know I hate to waste.  Ciao!

PS-this new blogger editor has a mind of its own, so sorry if it looks or acts funny.


  1. I happen to love the bag on top as is. But you could maybe embroider something on it or the straps. ??

  2. i am considering mod podge and fabric although Hubble wants to leave them as is...boring!

    as far as the bag on top, it would have to be machine embroidered, if it even could be.