Friday, September 17, 2010

Lost, Found or Hand-Me-Down

How's it going?  Stressful, but good here.  Wanna see what I found?

So last weekend I made it to the thrift store for the first time in ages.  I have been staying away because aside from desire I had little reason to go, therefore no need to spend any money.  But currently I am at the weird stage between pants sizes and the size I need I don't own, soooooo off to the thrifty store I go to find some work pants.  Total bust by the way, but I did find...
 ...a fun milk glass bowl thing from FTD circa 1975.  At first I thought I would use it for a display or succulent garden, but now I am thinking I will reserve it for a serving dish.
I also scored some chunky Mary Janes which were on my Christmas list for this year since my last pair crapped out. Scratch that one off the list! These are in great shape, fit me well and are from American Eagle. I have another find to share with too, but since I don't have pics yet you will just have to wait.

Have a great weekend!

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