Monday, September 6, 2010

When You Have a Family Party in Missouri You Eat This

 Fried Chicken, of course.
 Watermelon-not my fave, but my family can't get enough of it.
 Dollar rolls...sadly there was no money inside.
 These stole the show in my opinion.  Chocolate chip cookie bars with the options of raisins or walnuts.  Both were magnificent.
Naturally a tub of tin can beverages with huge blocks of ice.  I am pretty sure those were brought in from Canada or something.
...wait, what is that?

All of this was not without occasion.  I mean Labor Day is a nice excuse to get off work, but we happened to be celebrating my youngest brother's graduation from college.  That's right.  Hopefully soon his name will be in lights or at least on a good paycheck as he pursues his dream of being an actor.  Travis is quite the showstopper with a voice that can be heard over lawnmowers.  No joke.
Sooooo, a big fat congrats to Trav for showing up his big brother and sister by being the first in the family to graduate college.  We should probably give him a swirly just to remind of the pecking order.  Way to go Bro!


  1. Congrats to all the Pfeifer kids for being such wonderful people....regardless of degree or pecking order !
    Love, Kadie

  2. well spank you KD! nicely put.