Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lost, Found or Hand-Me-Down

It's been awhile.
Hope you have enjoyed the pics.
Time is of the essence.
Look what I found in Faith's backyard.
 I am hardly a mycophile.
 However, I thoroughly enjoyed searching for fungi low to the ground.
 I was not disappointed.
 This one is smaller than my Pinky fingernail.
Small and vibrant.
Rather odd shroomies if you ask me.

There has been lots of nature walking and outdoor play and more to come as the weather allows. Bud and I worked on his photography belt loop for cub scouts last weekend and Boober is working on being more ostentatious than ever, which I can't get enough of some times. School is easy and I am doing well. I am slacking in the mornings with lots of excuses and think maybe I just need a nap. Hoping to get out and pick our Jack Lanterns this weekend. The weather has been great so far.


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