Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lost, Found and Hand-me-Downs

Hi there! How was everyone's festivities? We were blessed with wonderful holiday and had some time off to spend with each other. It's tough going back to work after that kind of break, ya know?

I have a blast from my past to share this week with Boober as my model. She is still small enough to wear this as a dress and as she grows she can don it as a shirt. This is probably my favorite childhood dress and although some of the red has bled onto the collar and cuffs over the years it is hardly noticeable when it's on. This is also about the closest I have ever been to being a painter.
 The buttons match the paint pallette...
...and the paintbrush has its 3D fibers still in tact.

I have other dresses to pass along to her and hopefully future grandchildren, but none as sweet as this little frock. 


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