Saturday, January 29, 2011

Buzzing Hive

A couple of weeks have gone's it going? Time to catch everyone up I guess. So the good news is my incredibly time-consuming cluster class this semester is independent study. The bad news is my incredibly time-consuming cluster class this semester is independent study, however I am learning to teach children how to read and write which is a fascinating and humbling thing to learn. I am really devoted to this endeavor and can't wait to learn more, but for 6 credit hours it is as much work as a full-time student. In any event, I have been able to halfway keep up with everything else and once I catch up to the rest of the class (I started a week late) I should be back on track.

I did manage to make the Baked Potato Casserole I talked about. It wasn't bad, but it was weird. The sauce called for three eggs and it was like scrambled eggs on the bottom of the dish, but not in a good way. The flavor was there though and I paired it with some baked chicken for the fam.

I have managed to get out and take a few pics, especially in the snow! There is a rumor going around we are in for a dastardly storm Tuesday, but at least we will have a new blanket of white. It is going to make New York look like it has mild dandruff. They will have nothing on the midwest's Snowmageddon! that a terrorist Yeti?

Also, Gromit is almost done and he will get a post that is all about him. He is completely crocheted and in the process of being assembled paw by paw. I have picked a pattern for February too. He is red and from a kid's TV show. Any guesses? I also have to make a surprise baby gift, birthday gift and finish embroidering the hanky for a very Normal man in my life.

Housekeeping: I haven't kept up with my bubble bath goal yet, but the rest are on track mostly.

The Catty Kitchen first annual meeting was at my crib a week ago. Those girls are nuts.

Bud is working on his first Pinewood Derby car and a science project about hyenas.

The kids and I take it easy on Sundays whilst the Yeti saves a perverse nation from telecommunications withdrawal. Maybe one of these days I will post something interesting.


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  1. Hey Bud, Good luck with the Pine Wood Derby Race. I still have all of Chris and Nick's cars. What great memories. The race is on! Don't forget the graphite:)
    love Great Auntie I