Sunday, January 2, 2011

How'd We Do?

Hi there. It's reflection time so put on your cardigan sweaters and comfy shoes. We're going back in time.
Last year ended on another blog with a post about my goals for 2010. Let's make a list of how I did...
1. I enrolled in school for the fall semester. I earned straight A's.
2. I read 12 new books (one a month was the goal here).
3. I updated the blog most weeks.
4. I worked full time and hated it.
5. The time spent with the kids was meaningful for all of us, but I still feel like there is room for improvement.
6. Upon looking back, I am surprised by how much I actually made this year. It felt like I never had time for any yarning, but I really made quite a bit. Photo showcase on this a little later.
7. I am not a better housekeeper and by this I mean I don't plan for it accordingly. But I have already started making amends to this so I don't go crazy.
8. This was by far my biggest accomplishment of 2010. I lost 24 pounds this year and gained three back. I am really proud of this and the habits I established this year to remain a healthy individual. I have ten more to shed and will be kicking major butt to get there by my 30th birthday in April. More than enough time.
So what's in store for 2011?...more specific goals.
1. A switch to pescetarian eating. Why? For the most part this is how I eat anyway. I was put to the test last night when Hubble made fried chicken, but I made it. Second, it is better for the planet. I don't really care for the way poultry, pigs and cows are raised and I choose not to afford the ones that are raised well. Lastly, it is better for me, personally. Meat tastes amazing and I don't deny its place, but this is a switch I am ready to make, most likely for good.
2. No beer aside from TASTING what my brother brews. Again, not a huge jump here. I stopped drinking it most of the time last year when I was trying to lose weight. The two times in my life I had a huge weight gain I was also drinking a lot of beer. It's a no-brainer for me.
3. Now for the fun stuff. In addition to reading one new book each month I would also like to try one new knit or crochet pattern. I am going to attempt to knit an amigurumi this year. I keep avoiding it because I am scared I will screw it up, but that is so ridiculous. No fear yarning!
4. I am going to take a bubble bath every week to unwind.
5. I am going to try a new recipe each month.
6. John and I are going to have date night once a month. Just us.
7. I am going to work on my dance moves so I can go dancing with Killa Milla of Scarlett Garnet jewelry.

I have a few more specific things I would like to do. Time management will be key this year. I am looking forward to trying new things and going part-time again. Everyone should work part-time.

I hope your new year is amazing and fulfilling. Ciao!


  1. admitedly, i dont read my friends blogs enough, but i am glad i caught the one with mention of me! i love that you actually did a recap of how resolute you were for the year.
    dancin more is high up on my list for 2011, i am looking to take a hip hop class. interested? most are about $60 or so, expensive, but i realize i spend more money than that on things i enjoy a lot less! i'll let you know which ones i am thinking about! -katie miller time!

  2. Katie!!! I am glad you did too. Keep me posted on the dance classes and I will do what I can to fit it in. Mooches!