Monday, January 3, 2011

I Made This in 2010

1. Boober's Lovebug for Valentine's Day  2. Tummy Time blanket for my newest nephew  3. Abacus for J-fer's birthday  4. Fruit for Boober's birthday  5. Hyperbolic loofah  6. Washcloths for my SNL, Jessie's birthday  7. Bud's Lovebug  8. Flowered bobby pins for Boober  9. Koala-gurumi for a new bundle at work  10. Captain America Shield sea stone for Micah's birthday  11. Incomplete sea stone for work buddy  12. Incomplete felted mushroom ornament for Faith  13. Newborn washcloths for a different new bundle at work  14. Jar cozy 15. Kendall's cupcake ornament  16. Maggie and Adelina's cupcake ornament

Not pictured above is my first jar cozy, a rubber duckie ornament, felted trivet, knitted scarf for my mother-in-law, Boober's valentines for school, re-vamped jewelry, sea stone for Faith's birthday, and a fish-gurumi for my dad's birthday. Who knows? There could be more, but oh my goodness, I had no idea I made so many things this year. I have been feeling like I hadn't touched my yarn all year! I am going to try knitted amigurumi's this year and I know several babies coming that will need some goodies too. Should be a fun challenge!


01/04/2011 OP: I was reminded by sweet Melissa of some matching place mats I crocheted for her birthday too!

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  1. I believe you made me an awesome birthday present of placemats!!