Monday, January 10, 2011

Lost, Found and Hand-Me-Down

Howdy! One of my little boredom preventative measures in 2011 is to try new things in the kitchen. For me this means a new recipe each month at the very least or more ambitiously, every week. In honor of this quest I am going to share a hand-me-down from my Grandma Rose.
A straightforward title, this book contains the recipes my Gram collected over the years as well as her family's recipe for Spaetzle. Now my Gram was not a ground-breaker in the kitchen and mostly worked from recipes she knew and liked, much like myself. But what this album lacks in culinary creativity it makes up for with a homey feel and oodles of cards written in my Gram's exquisite script.
It's so tiny and consistently perfect. And these cards are not even her finest penmanship. My first recipe I try out though will not be from this book. However, I am using Gram's tried and true Betty Crocker cookbook to concoct some veggie lasagna today. Ultimately, though, I need to man up and try to make the spaetzle. I mean I am mostly German after all, right?


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