Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hooking in the Snow

January has come to a close and I have accomplished my mission...Gromit is done. Oh boy, he is a whirlwind of cuteness. I sewed him together piece by piece today because we were snowed in.

He started out looking like Donkey Kong, which I will keep in mind should the barrel-breaking ape ever be requested.

Gromit started to come through when I attached his adorable ears.

I made a point of really paying attention to the placement of his extensions. I have been known to sew limbs on crookedly and have yet to reach for my straight pins to assist me.

First his arms and then his legs, well leg...

My little helper thought his other appendage would serve him better as a scarf.

Almost there...Gromit is great at blind sock-matching.
Are you ready to meet him-eyes and all?


...I would like to introduce Mr. Gromit complete. 

He will be making a journey to the Windy City in the coming months to hopefully make another little someone as giddy as he makes me.
Gromit is looking on while I finish another project. There are a few more "layers" to this 'shroom before it's done (thank goodness!) And the red child's TV show character I have chosen to whip up for February is MUNO from Yo Gabba Gabba. If he has half the personality Gromit does I will be in good shape. Mooches.

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