Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back in the Windy City

Only this time I decided to spend the night twice and then make the trek home. Partly an anniversary trip (6 years wed to my love), partly mental break and partly a visit to some good friends and their new addition. I only wish we could have stayed an extra day.
Hubble's out-of-town BFF
This is Jeff. He is now the proud owner of a fantastic home in the city of Chicago that he got for a steal, not to mention how freaking cute it is. He blamed this on his mom. And that little bundle is a complex concoction of baby sweetness. He also happens to be the recipient of Gromit (sigh). I confess that I never pegged Jeff as a daddy, but he is a natural and fatherhood suits him well. Not to mention his energetic and terribly sweet wife, who unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of.

Since our plans were flexible for the weekend the new sleep-deprived parenting duo obliged our request to go look for cowboy boots by taking us to a thoroughly Western storefront.
Talk about a hootenanny! This place was packed and in the middle of the city...WTF! The kids' section was hilarious, but the baby ranch-hand clothes were far too pricey for the little wear they would get. But let's get down to the brass tacks. We were here for boots and boots we did find.
This is just one row of the men's section. Some new, some used, all in great shape. And the price? Well I didn't come home with any boots and contemplated purchasing kids boots because they were cheaper, but I didn't care for their styles as much.
$400...on sale. They weren't all this high and there were a few that were higher still, but methinks I will just be dreaming about boots for now. Really I am hoping to come across the perfect pair in the thrift store someday. I just hope I won't be over 50 then.
 Apparently this place is pretty popular too because they have a pair of Andre the Giant's boots on display. Woot! That footwear is massive.
 We finished up the day with some thrifting and a Giordano's pizza. I had the chance to crochet for hours throughout our stay and John got a new pipe. On our way out Sunday we had a brisk first encounter with IKEA. I am pretty sure that store is as big as Andre's boots and just as nutty as professional wrestling, but I look forward to going again-perhaps when we aren't as rushed.


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