Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blue and Gold

Welcome to the Cubbies! It's a huge event amongst the ranks of boy scouts in America where they are recognized for their achievements throughout the year. This pack tried a different approach this year with superlative awards at the banquet to keep the mood lighthearted and fun.
It all started with strut down the red carpet past the "parent-razzi" that was commissioned to snap photos of the troops.
Most Dramatic
When Bud was recognized for being "Most Dramatic" he threw up his hands in disbelief and exclaimed in protest "What?!!" And the drama ensued...
Being unprepared for his tongue-in-cheek award, Bud retired under the table because he is not at all dramatic.
Despite his respite under our feet the little Wolf Scout eventually emerged to collect is prize, patches and belt loops for all of his hard work. Keep up the good work dude!


  1. Perhaps he should come and be one of my kiddos in arts camp. He would get to flaunt his dramatic little patootie all he wanted. :)

  2. He could definitely bring some acting to the group.