Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Week Ago Today...

...I arrived home at 5 in the morning after an arduous drive from Chicago. It was sooooo worth it. About a week before that Jenn and I found out this little group would come to visit from Down Under. We knew we had to go. 
Heather on keyboards. Her 12 or 13 key reach did not look so big in person.
Our first glimpse of the Jezabels came from a blog called Meet Me at Mike's, run by Pip. Pip posted one of their videos and these two St. Louis girls were instantly enamored with their sound.
Sam made some awesome sounds on his geetar.
 The show in Chicago also happened to be their very first headlining show in America and they did not disappoint. Their sound was tight and they packed the house which was pretty amazing because a lot of the people there didn't even know their songs! Jenn and I made sure to stand front and center and sing and dance.
Nic rocked on a borrowed drum kit.
The running joke for the week leading up to the show was "Oh, it will be small enough that we'll get to meet the band." Honestly, I think we both halfheartedly believed that. When we arrived in Chi-town we parallel parked for about 10 minutes in the biggest spot we could find (I think it was meant for a Yaris) and went to the restaurant to eat. As we walked to our table I took stock of the other patrons and saw them. The Jezabels were sitting no less than 10 feet away and we were overcome with a somewhat embarrassing starstruck awe.
J-Fer trying to contain her excitement
We needed a drink, but figured we would never have an opportunity like this again. They weren't eating yet and the restaurant was relatively empty so we nerved up and said hello. 
Haley on vocals. Oh my can she sing.
They were totally grateful and laid back. We shared our travel story and let them know we thought they were worth the sleep deprived trip. We also told them our joke about meeting them and Nic, the drummer said "Well let's one-up that. Let's have a beer after the show." Are you kidding me?!!! We were in heaven and decided to let them eat in peace.
After the show, we hung around and chatted with the group and they were kind enough to take a picture with us. We told them we would make the trip again if they ever came back and thanked them for the wicked show and memories.

I got two hours of sleep the next morning and went to work, but hearing "Easy to Love" live was one of the best moments of my life.


  1. That is so cool! You got to meet them! I bet they were super nice... I am a bit envious, to be honest...! Glad you had a great time, petals! xx

  2. They were very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing them with us!