Wednesday, May 4, 2011


May the 4th be with you! Yet another sneaky virus kept us off the data grid for a spell, this time taking our hard drive with it. Gotta love the 1TB external drive.

Let's all get back in the swing of things, shall we? I would like to introduce some of my newest friends and reacquaint you with some familiar faces. Commencing stroll through garden...
Viola Columbine - best clearance find of the season.

Noob - Virginia Bluebells from Faith's garden

Bronze Sedge - birthday gift from Jay

Veteran - Red and Pink lilies from Grandma Mary and Faith

Vet - Melting Fire Coral Bells and his plentiful friend Mr. Sweet Gum

Noob - Jacob's Ladder

Noob - My absolute favorite this year!!! A shady plant with big blue flower...yes please!

2nd season - Lily of the Valley from Faith

Newbie, but I forgot it's real name. It is a Coral Bells though.

Watch out now! That's my new Samurai Toad Lily.

New Astilbes in mystery colors!

Noob - Bleeding Heart

Forgot this one too, but it's Japanese and new and all mine.

I finally have my orange azalea! Courtesy of my sweet brother.

Lobelia and Impatiens in my planters with some lime green Coleus you can't see.
We'll be in touch. XO.

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