Friday, June 3, 2011

Backblog - Elliott's Tummy Time Blanket

Ya know, I debated whether or not to even post this stuff or just move on, but the pics are already edited and some of it I really want to share no matter how 'old' it is. Hence, another tummy time blanket...this time for my newest pal Elliott. I figured he would need something soft and cushy, yet durable while he strengthens those neck and core muscles.
A goober Boober making sure it works
No real pattern for this, but the idea and joining method comes from HERE. I think for Cooper's I did 30 stitches across by 20 rows and Little E's I did 35 across by 20 rows. And boy did I fret about colors and placement every time I picked it up because I wanted it to look random, but it's not and that's ok too. It turned out well.
Note to self for next time...I think if I use a double crochet stitch instead of single on the border next time it may not curl up like that. It flattened a bit after I stretched it though. I am anxious to do some of these for my little voices, only bigger. And maybe one for me someday...

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