Sunday, June 5, 2011

Backblog: Pinewood Derby

Prior to becoming a Bear Scout, Bud carved his first Pinewood Derby car and mostly on his own with a little help from me and Dad.
Unfortunately, this is currently the only pic I have of his finished vehicle...not sure how that happened. In lane 4 you will see a white vehicle that resembles very accurately a Wii Remote. Lots of other scouts were cheering his car on because it was so recognizable.
 Anxiously awaiting the race to begin.
On his best run he came in third. He has already started hatching plans for another racer next year. We are proud his car did so well and Bud completed most of the work himself. Great job!

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  1. Way to go Bud. Independent work is so worth the finished accomplishment. So proud of you.

    Luv ya,
    Great Autnie I