Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Felted Fun

I made this for Boober back in May. The pieces to one of her wooden puzzles had been gnarled by our vicious Shih Tzu a.k.a. sweet Bella leaving us the wooden frame it came assembled in. I try very hard not to clutter or be a pack rat but I also despise waste - of any kind.
So I decided to make a felt board for my girl. I have seen the cheap ones at Michael's for about $8 and the felt is total crap. This cost me a little less, is better quality and I made it myself. Woot! First I used some felt glue and slapped some black felt on the back of the frame. It kind of looks like a slate now.
Then I cut some felt. At first I thought about cutting out intricate shapes and people and animals and all the fun accessories that go with them but decided not to because A) I had trouble finding some sharp scissors even though we own a million pairs and B) I really like the idea of using basics shapes to create whatever is in her imagination...sort of like mosaic tiles and geometric blocks.
And then we played. See she even incorporates her own geo-blocks with the felt. Clever girl! Toys like this make me want to get rid of the rest of our toys, but don't tell my kids.

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