Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lost, Found and Hand-Me-Down - Hangman

Morning. My mom recently brought over some of the board games my brothers and I used to play and an old word game was among them. Those are my favorite kind! And while you could just get out a pen and paper for this one we had high-tech apparatus to smooth out the impending slaying. I mean if you play against me that is what is going to happen.
I had the pleasure of  a friendly game with my niece in which I beat her too and she's very sharp, but I have mad skills.
Fast-forward a few months and we find ourselves on a TCK home visit (they have a new poll, by the way). After cruising the basement for a vacuum cleaner we stumbled upon an even older version of Hangman.
This time playing my analytic son I won...again...and again.
Maybe I missed my calling as a word executioner. And now you have been Lost, Found or Hand-Me-Downed twice in one sitting. You're welcome.

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