Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lost, Found, Hand Me Down - Notions

Recently I decided to tackle about 5 years worth of spring cleaning in the middle of summer. Bonehead move?..maybe. Do I feel better? Absolutely. Whilst sifting through the clutter I came across a cloth pouch filthy from years of love and good use.
The pouch belonged to my Gram (surprise, surprise) and she used it to house her cable knitting needles, tiny scissors, tapestry needles and an old fabric measuring tape. I was pretty glad I came across it too because I was just entertaining the idea of investing in cable needles since I have had none. Also pictured are some of the other notions that belonged to her and were near cable clutch.
Another special find is the tiny blue pencil. I remember these as the only pencils my grandparents used, particularly my Grandpa. He always had several of these pencils around and I don't think I ever saw one that was longer than 3 inches. My Grandpa sharpened them to complete nubs as he worked his crossword puzzles on a plastic yellow clipboard with a tube of Rolaids nearby. It was a nice memory to come across and I now own three of the blue nubs. Muy bueno.

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