Sunday, August 14, 2011


We had a grown-up bedroom makeover this spring and I am loving the new digs. There are still details that need to be put in place, but that doesn't keep me from loving being in there. Recently we ditched the TV in our room and it cleared up a lot of space on our dresser. Naturally I took it over. Hee hee hee. In all reality, this bedroom redo gave us a chance to simplify, clean out some clutter, and allow me to be creative and resourceful - giving space to the things I really want to see and keep. What I am trying to say is my dresser is pretty cute.
John has already recognized my desire for a mirror on the wall, just in case I should need to conjure up an evil step-sister for the day. BTW - that's my granny's lamp.
The makeup brush glass was set for the thrift store, but I snagged it back just in time. That hummingbird flew over from Faith's house.
The earring rack is an old cooling rack propped against the wall. So far, no jewelry losses to report.
For the most part, the color palette is neutral with white/pale accessories and natural/wood colored elements. It's very easy on the eyes, organized, girly but not fussy...perfect for the time being because you know I get bored easily.

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