Sunday, September 4, 2011

On Our Walk Today...

We tightened on her helmet, laced her shoes, showed her how to brake and let the little girl who is growing into a big girl start pedaling towards the pavement. It was her first time on a bicycle.
I actually got some exercise trying to keep up with her because now that she is on wheels she rips down the street. This is going to work out well...I can tell. Even with her new speed we still try to slow down and notice the world around us. Here is what we found today:
...the first signs of autumn and the weather to match today.
...tiny cones although we couldn't find the tree they fell from.
...the girl loves putting her hands in these pictures for size reference and I love that she does it.
...all of our treasures were dwarfed by this gigantic leaf. It is bigger than both of my hands put together.

Boober took a tumble from her seat right at the end of the ride, but she has decided she loves riding her bike just not getting scrapes.

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