Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Upcycle Project - Air Freshener/Odor Absorber

As you may or may not already know I save all of the glass jars that come through our door. They are good for so many practical applications and are a good, cheap craft supply to have on hand. I soak the jars to remove their labels and give them a run in the dishwasher and unless you are storing food in them they are ready to use.
For this project I wanted something cute and reusable for the odor absorbers we keep in our closets and fridge to eliminate the monthly waste from the baking soda box. And it couldn't be simpler. Start with a clean glass jar. I chose the Bonne Maman preserves jars for their stout shape and cute lid.
 Pick a design and using a sharp nail and hammer start tapping holes into the lid. I used the gingham pattern for my design, but you could use a marker to dot a cute pattern.
Most likely the nail will pull right back out, but use the claw end of the hammer to do this faster or if the nail gets stuck.

 Make sure you have plenty of holes so the baking soda can absorb any odors floating around.

When your holes are all done turn the lid over and gently tap down the raw edges. This doesn't need to be perfect and can be skipped altogether if you choose. I just did it so I could feel better about my kids changing these.
Use your funnel and fill the jar about 3/4 of the way up with baking soda and change every 30 days. You just went from two boxes in the fridge and one in every closet in your house to 1 big box of baking soda and cute, reusable jars. Simple, right? If you want to add a ribbon, draw a design with a paint pen or any embellishment you can think of. I am not really a bow girl, plus I find more satisfaction with the simplicity so mine is unadorned. Ciao!


  1. Way to go Octavia. Grandma white would be so proud. What size are those jars. They look like they would make excellent drinking glasses. :)

    Luv ya, Auntie I

  2. Not a bad idea Reenie! Now I need to grab some more.