Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Little Sunshine

Last year I made point of setting aside enough time to make new ornaments for my tribe. I am really glad I did, because the results were so much more meaningful and frugal for us than purchasing new ones. I tried my hardest to think of something that would relate to each of them and be somewhat joyful for me to make.

Boober's was by far the easiest to think of since every night at bedtime I sing You Are My Sunshine to her. I found this pattern and sized it down some to make it appropriate for the tree.

In hindsight, I probably would size it down one or two more rounds than what I did here. I also opted for a contrasting running stitch for embellishment instead of the typical smiley face. Happy as we are, Smiley's don't really do it for us.

Poor little sun looks pregnant! Although, the natural glow only helps it on the tree.

The little lady actually loved it so much she hung it on a knob on her dresser and wouldn't let me hang it on the tree. She wanted to see it while she was heading to Sleepy's house. I think it had the effect I was going for.

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