Friday, January 6, 2012

Turtleneck Vase Upcycle

Here's a simple and inexpensive craft to ease yourself back into the crafty swing of things after the holiday craze. Was yours crazy? Mine was substantially laid back this year.

After the parties and shindigs there is bound to be a bucket of items set for the garbage or recycle bin. Grab those glass bottles (smaller is better), some yarn, and glue to repurpose as a vase for your dresser or bathroom.

I used some small ginger ale bottles and cotton ombre yarn. Start by running a bead of glue around the lip of the bottle. Press the end of your yarn into the glue and wrap around.

Continue running the glue and wrapping your yarn, making sure there are no spaces between the strands.

I used my finger to rub the glue into all the yarn as I went. It dries clear, but the yarn in not soft on the outside if you do this. Follow your preference. With the cotton yarn, you don't notice the finish unless you touch it.

Keep wrapping to your heart's desire. I stopped just over the "shoulders" of the bottle because it reminded me of a turtleneck shirt. Set aside to dry completely.

After the glue dries, take a warm washcloth and gently rub any glue off the glass. Fill the bottom with a little water being careful not to get the yarn wet. Elmer's glue is water soluble. You can choose another glue if you have something waterproof on hand.

Add flowers, place on dresser, forget your winter blues. You just added some sunshine to your day! I just love how this yarn striped itself.


  1. Nice use for those little bits of yarn left over too. Very pretty cuz.