Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blanket for Bella

And no...this is not a post about a Twilight blanket. 'Cause that would be lame unless it was made from the fur of a werewolf, even though I am Team Edward.


In any event, Bella happens to be my dog and could act tail-chasing circles around Kristen Stewart. To reward her efforts and replace the rag that she loved to pieces I made her a new lap blankie to cover her bed-puff-er...thing.

She likes to pretend she helped, but I mean really. Look at her. Round and around the granny square goes.

No blocking necessary for a pooch's throne and it was a good way to get rid of some variegated yarn I had no idea what to do with. Plus I diminished my stash by two skeins which ought to please Hubble. He's just lucky I haven't replaced it.


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