Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Normal Neon

There are those in the world who have an affection for all things obnoxious and traffic-cone orange. They like to think they are NORMAL, but we all know they are actually just special...especially to me.This ball of yarn was very special because it was old, it was wool, it was obnoxious and it was traffic cone orange. Now, I have a tiny ball left to remind me I will probably never see that color in yarn again.

I used this pattern HERE, however, as you can see the gloves fit me well. I used the same yarn and hooks the pattern called for and I do not hook too tightly. I started a second pair for another dude and he couldn't get them over his fingers so I do suggest adjusting the pattern or the hooks if you are making these for a gent. The pattern is otherwise stellar as is my Normal friend. XO

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