Monday, March 12, 2012

In the Works

I have recently declared (to myself of course) that Sundays are the time for me to crochet or create things for me. Or my immediate family, dog, and home. They count too. Otherwise, I never set aside time to explore projects I want to try because I usually have a commission in the works.

So what we have here are the makings of a pillow using the rest of my Debbie Stoller Full O'Sheep yarn. The colors of this yarn are so saturated they somewhat glow! I thought the white background might be a little too "granny" for me so I modernized with a heather gray.

The pattern calls for both sides of the pillow to be covered in the little squares, but again, I think that might be too much for me and will probably opt for the solid gray backing. I am about halfway done with the squares and really appreciate the reprieve my "Sundays-Are-For-Moi" yarning has allowed me. Peace.


  1. These are awesome! I love the colors. You are one crafty lady!

  2. Thanks Dorothy! I can't wait until it is finished.