Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mini Airplane Ornament

In November, we got a call out of the blue. Hubble's previous employer wanted him back, but as a contractor. Excited to do something he loves again, we also questioned the temporary labor. But we had a good feeling about it. We still do. This feeling inspired Hubble's ornament.

The pattern can be found HERE and as usual I made some modifications.

For the wings I did this instead:
Adj ring, 4sc in ring (4)
sc, sc inc; repeat once (6)
2 sc, sc inc; repeat once (8)
sc around next three rounds (8,8,8)
sl stitch and fasten off.
For the 2 horizontal fins:
Adj, 4sc in ring (4)
sc, sc inc twice (6)
sc around (6)
sl stitch and fasten off
For the vertical fin:
same as above, but add another round of 6 sc for round 4.
Added 2 wheels, which are sewn on vertically on the bottom of the body. For each wheel: Adj ring, 3sc, sl st (3)
Added propeller: Make two 3ch i-cords 5 stitches long. Fasten off and sew to nose.

All the ornaments were finished off with a song and Bob Marley "Three Little Birds" was the appropriate choice for the airplane. It always makes me feel better. Mooches.

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