Thursday, March 29, 2012

Skip-A-Beat Vase

Impromptu, homemade gift-giving has its rewards and setbacks. Mainly, that it's free, but also the time involved. Moving forward, I will still endeavor to make all gifts given, but hopefully balance out the hours spent making it.

My lastest vase cover was good practice for balancing the scales of handmade gift giving. I save and reuse any glass jars we bring home, so this olive jar was already on hand. It took me about a solid hour and a half to make the cover.

To me, this seems like an equitable alternative to shopping, buying, and wrapping a gift. Plus, everything I make has some love in it. Yeah!!

I skipped some stitches throughout and used a larger hook so it could double as a candle holder, and the light would sparkle through the gaps. I think I am going to make a few of these for an evening outdoors.

This little project also got the wheels spinning for other creative experiments. Finding that inspiration in something I have already made is a priceless reason why I create in the first place. I have more inspiration from the garden to share soon.  Ciao!

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