Wednesday, April 18, 2012

31 Solar Revolutions


I should have called this 31 Revelations and then listed a bunch of things I think you should think, but I bet that would be even more boring than me talking about myself for a solid week. Instead, I will tell you 5 things I love about myself, which is a far more difficult exercise, however, it is my birthday and I like a challenge.

Photo by D. Pitts

5 Things That Make Me Awesome
  • My wit - It is no secret that I love to joke around about 90% of the time. If I joke around with you, the chances are that I like you...not always though (mostly with customers - they never get it)
  • My honesty - Sometimes tactful, sometimes blatant, I will almost always tell you what I think, if asked. The only time I won't is when the other person isn't really listening anyway. Then I tell them everything they want to hear and shake my head when they leave.
  • My craftiness - I love learning new skills and using my hands to make things. It is my therapy.
  • My short, stubby toes - What can I say? The little guys are pretty cute and not at all gangly.
  • My parenting skills - There is always room for improvement here and I am proud that I am committed to learning everyday from my kids and using that knowledge to help them grow.
Feel free to tell me what you love about me too, ya know, because it's my birthday and all. What girl doesn't want to hear something nice on her birthday? ~ OP


  1. Happy Birthday to my beautiful Cousin. I'm lucky to be part of a beautiful, crafty, talented, and crazy family.

    (now to prove I'm not a robot.... however some days I feel like one. :D)

  2. Zrrrp...zzzzzzzzzzzzaapppp...Thank you robot cousin!