Thursday, April 19, 2012

Active Activities

I had a difficult time yesterday not getting work done around the house, on my birthday, and trying to do other things I want to do instead. Do you have trouble not "working" when you are off? At one point, I was so overwhelmed, I went outside and worked in my plant beds. Perfect mix of work and play...salve for the soul. Most other things I love to do are not such a harmonious mix, but certainly a welcome reprieve from the daily grind.

5 Things I Love to Do
  • Crocheting - I like knitting too, and other stringy things, but crocheting is so soothing to me and much easier to fix if you mess up. I try to get hooky every day, if possible.
  • Reading - I try to read at least one book a month and usually do. It is definitely something I wish I made more time for because I love it so much. Although, sometimes it keeps me up way past bedtime.
  • Being outside - It doesn't matter if I am running, gardening, farming, walking, sitting, playing with the kids, swimming, or eating dinner, I love almost everything about being outside. Except mosquitoes. They're pretty awful.
  • Photography - This is something I haven't put a lot of time into recently, but I love looking at photographs as much as I love to take them and learn more about the skill.
  • Spending time with the people I love - This seems like a no-brainer, but being the social butterfly that I am, I will ignore chores, go to bed late, and adjust schedules to spend time with special people because they are just that...very special to me and more important than any thing that needs to "get done" around the house. The chores will always be there, but my sweet family and friends may not and I don't take them for granted.
Obviously, not an exhaustive list, as I love to do many things and I love learning new things so much that I often bite off more than I can chew to be able to do it all. With each passing year, I am learning to balance better.  See you tomorrow. ~ OP

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