Monday, April 23, 2012

Hip Cats

I couldn't share so many things about myself without sharing the people who inspire, support, and love me for being me.

People I Loves, Love, Luv
  • The Immediates - Directly above, that is my team - my cheerleaders. Words cannot express my devotion to them or vice versa. Our unbeatable sense of humor helps to make sure we are all loved and contributing members in Team Pitts...or if you ask Hubble we are Team Dragon Slayers. Nerd.
  • The Catty Kitchen  - My girls. This outfit got its small beginnings after I had my baby and needed to get out of the house. It turned into an actual club when 3 of us got into some trouble with another set of ladies, and were dubbed "those catty *itches." Making the most of the superlative, we started getting together on the regular and increased the size of our DIY girls' club. Life would be very different without them...and a lot less fun.
Missouri Botanical Gardens - Sibs, Kids and Sig. Others

  •  The Extendeds - From my Mom and Dad helping us out with the kids, to being best friends with my brothers, to my in-laws and their kids making me laugh, I am blessed with some awesome kin. You guys rock.

  • Nick Normal - And then there's this guy. Hungarian. Mustachioed. Normal. His ideas and energy are as boundless as the red hairs growing off his top lip (the mustache is much longer now I believe). He's a New York/St. Louis hybrid and I can't wait to see him again.
I could gush, gush, gush, all day long about these folks and there are many more to include. I have some super talented aunts and cousins, hip and interesting uncles, and the different friends who pop in and out for some good times. I told you I am a social butterfly. Peace.

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