Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wrap It Up Already

Tomorrow I will be back with some yarny goodness, but I wanted to leave you with some other blogs I have fun reading and have inspired me to look at the world differently.

5 Blogs I Look Forward to Reading
  • Down to Earth - Rhonda Jean blends minimalism, simple and green living, whole foods and strong families with warmth and balance. She is honest and true to her values.
  • A Beautiful Mess - A fellow Missouri girl and her sister making DIY happen. They are full of good ideas and I appreciate their passion for their small, but thriving business.
  • Zen Habits - I have been reading this one since 2008 and I have always felt like Leo is a good friend. Practical and achievable advice and reminders.
  • Attic 24 - Lucy does such a good job of being positive and is not afraid to gush over the things that inspire rainbow colors in yarn. I get it and appreciate her zeal.
  • Angry Chicken - Hard to describe this one, but she is good at just about everything she does without being pretentious. She can sew, cook, homeschool and make it look cool. And I believe we may have a similar sense of humor.
That's the end of those lists for awhile, but it was kind of fun, right? I liked it. Big news coming up soon too. I can't wait to share and no, I am not pregnant. Ciao. ~ OP

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