Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crochet Fail & Recycle

Here lately I have been on a streak of, not quite craft fails, but more like missed targets. I am in the middle of an ideas swarm, but the second I reach for supplies, the ideas collide and leave me dazed and not quite in control of my hands. At least, I think that is it.

But you can usually salvage the cra(p)ft for some future endeavor, when you are able focus your crafty Zen, young Grasshopper.

What started out as a laptop cover and got tossed aside because there were too many ends to weave in and I was not happy with the color scheme (you should see the new one - it's not much better). Ripping it apart would have left me with a bunch of little strands that I could use as scrap or I could leave it alone and wait. I am glad I waited because once I seamed the side together it made the perfect cozy for the kids toothbrushes. I am debating embellishing the side with a monster face, but I kind of twitch at the concept. Then I try to think of the things I would have thought were cool as a kid and I think I might go ahead with it. They are only young once and when they grow up, your toothbrush cozy can too. Until next time. ~ OP

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