Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Healthy Mommies are Happy Mommies

At the finish line and Boober cheering me on

I can officially run 3 miles. All at once without stopping. That is something I never thought I would do. Running did not interest me until after I had already decided I was not a runner. After I started reading other blogs regularly, I began to notice that many bloggers are also joggers. What's up with that anyway? They described their beginning adventures in jogging and exercise and I thought, "Well I can do that."

I have always liked exercise and the feeling that comes after a good workout. I have not always been good at keeping up with routine fitness, but I knew I could conquer that too. I always felt those people who maintained their weight and kept up with exercise were masters of time management and had superior drive. They don't always...ask them. I don't either, but I know there is not much in the world that I can't do without a little effort so I tried running. Again. For real this time.

What did I change? My attitude adjusted first (see above). Also, I am moderately competitive and don't want other blogger/joggers showing me up. If they can run - so can I. I realized, too, there are certain things you need to do to become proficient at running like get a decent amount of sleep, drink fluids, and pay attention to your technique. Now that I know how to run, I don't dread it. Instead of feeling wasted at the end of a jog, I feel strong and ready for action.

The benefits. For me, my mantra is "Keep it moving." It doesn't matter if I don't run everyday or do 50 push-ups. It matters that my body moves often (throwing punches, squats, extra trips to the basement for laundry, etc). When I do, my family notices a happier mommy. I notice her too. The kids and husband are also getting excited about moving around more. Bud wants to run a 5k with me. Boober keeps up with my jumping jacks and stretches. This in turn keeps me more motivated and able to outlast them at the park. No huffing and puffing out of this Mom. Not to mention, my body is starting to take on a leaner silhouette. I am pretty cool with that. ~ OP


  1. Way to go Tav! I remember not liking, (read 'hating') running when I first started. And then I caught the bug. I've gone from slow to slow again, have dabbled in yoga, pilates, and even swimming... but in the end I've found there's no sweat like a sweat from a run. To be squeezy cheezy: You go girl!

  2. Well done..i don't run..i dance like a crazy woman instead..and i can work up a right sweat go for it..blogger jogger.

  3. Thank you ladies! I had a blast.