Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Shampoo Alternative

I recently went off the sauce in an effort to find a cheaper and greener alternative to haircare. That's right, I am shampoo free friends! And it works. Simple Mom lays it out for you on her site. I am just going to tell you how much I love it. Sooooo........let's make a list!

a) It's dirt cheap people. 1 Tbsp baking soda + 8 oz water + recycled container = I don't know really. I forgot how much the baking soda costs, but I know it wasn't more than $4 and there are a bajillion tablespoons inside. One bottle full lasts me about 10-12 days.

2) It's good for the earth so it is good for me. No guilt washing this down the drain.

iii) My hair feels great. I have fine, thin hair and oily skin so I have to wash daily, but shampoo always left it feeling stripped and thinner, thus more susceptible to an afternoon sheen. Conditioner doubled that effect while weighing it down. This mix, however, just cleans my scalp and roots and my hair feels like it has some heft to it. I can run my fingers through it and it feels like there is actually some hair up there.

G) Don't take my word for it - try it for yourself. Most likely you already have everything you need to make it. Or better yet, listen to Jenn. She is trying it too and her hair is super thick. She says "Used apple cider vinegar tonight with the baking soda and I am LOVING my hair. I know it's only been a few days, but I now fully believe thick, long hair does not prevent one from giving up shampoo."

Let us know if you try it and what results you get. I will keep you updated on mine since I just started, but I think I am fully sold. ~ OP

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