Friday, May 18, 2012

Notes From the Week - May 18, 2012

-Boober is officially no longer a preschooler.
-I am running my first 5k tomorrow.
-I am loving having Friday's off with Hubble. I plan all this work to get done, but we end up kicking back and it is a great way to relax.
-Natural Ant Bait - Placed these on my porch because the ants are colonizing in the mortar. Thank you April and Faith of EarthDance for the link. So far, it is working.
-Exercise at the office - I used to do stuff like this all the time at work and I always felt better at the end of the day. My favorites are toilet crunches and throwing punches (abs and cardio, baby!)
- The "Rescue Pack" song on Go, Diego, Go is incredibly distracting. I can't focus when it plays, except on its penetrating calypso beat. I have no idea why my daughter likes that show.
-Dealing with Perfectionism - A little lengthy, but a good read.
-Natural History - a poem. I had trouble picking this week.
-Gluten Free - Looking forward to more from Jenn's blog. Practical and honest advice that can be applied to things other than gluten.
-Beneficial flowers for the garden - Might throw some of these seeds next to the garden.

Did you have a good week? Mooches ~ OP

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